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Because The Jefferson Health Plan believes in the principle of helping people be as healthy as nature permits, the consortium provides all member-sponsored plans with both a wellness and a disease management program.  The consortium's HealthReach condition management program offers medical counseling and assistance to persons diagnosed with serious medical conditions.  This program attempts to engage persons with chronic conditions in the active management of their medical condition.  The program does so through offering telephonic and internet services, coordinated with a highly qualified nursing staff versed in the management of the malady.
The consortium's " HealthReach Wellness" program is an effort to encourage people covered by the various plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so they can contribute to a more productive workforce for the employer.  The HealthReach Wellness program offers well documented research on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and provides important medical advice for plan participants concerned about certain specific health programs.
Both programs are provided through the consortium to member groups as part of their membership in The Jefferson Health Plan.  Plan participants are free to enroll in both programs, as their needs determine.
The best time to think about health care is before there is a problem.  For that reason, The Jefferson Health Plan encourages members to stay healthy by offering these services and programs.
The HealthReach Wellness program includes:
   •  Health Coaching - a telephonic program designed to support persons making lifestyle changes. 
      Certified professionals are available to coach individuals through the program and help them set
      goals, overcome barriers, and improve their confidence.  Participants may receive a telephone
      call asking them to participate in the program once they complete the Wellness Assessment, or
      individuals can call 1-866-766-8795 to participate.
   • Virtual Coaching - A standalone resource for self-paced goal setting or health maintenance.  Virtual
      Coaching encourages participants to reach healthy milestones according to their personal goals.  At
      any time, eligible participants may transition to work with a live coach for an additional level of
   •  Monthly online seminars - designed to explore a variety of important wellness topics.
   •  Challenges - encourage members to get active in all kinds of activities.
The HealthReach Wellness program also includes information and videos on:
   •  Nutrition - with customized meal plans, discussions on healthy eating habits, and tracking tools
       to help participants better understand their eating habits;
   •  Fitness and Activity - with customized daily workout plans, including practical advice on how
       to get active and a progress tracker to make participants better aware of their level of activity;
   •  Stress Management - to help members reduce stress levels today and a tracking tool to help
       them understand stress issues;
   •  Weight Management - to teach better eating habits, how to prepare meals, and tracking to
       keep them alert to changes that  might be beneficial in achieving weight objectives; and
   •  Tobacco Cessation - with help for members or loved ones who need to kick the habit.
This important program has been created especially for plan participants who have been diagnosed with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, diabetes, heart failure, or obesity.  The goal of the program is to help all participants enjoy good health, feel their best, and prevent or delay the onset of more serious health problems.  By making essential self-care activities a lifelong habit and becoming actively involved in management of health conditions, participants can better take charge of their future!
When problems arise, what people really need, besides a good team of medical professionals, is a resource to help them successfully manage care every step of the way, and The Jefferson Health Plan has tools in place to help them.
Participants in this voluntary program will receive the following:
   •  Assessment - No less than a personalized annual condition-specific health risk assessment;
   • Education - Periodic educational materials following regular telephone contacts to help
      participants learn and practice self-care techniques, and better understand their condition;
   • Care Management - Toll-free access to a clinician available to answer complex clinical
      questions, help identify potential gaps in treatment plans, and help with better understanding of
      physician's instructions; 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 
   • Care Coordination - Toll-free access to a Care Coordinator, who will discuss health care issues
      and answer any questions members have, including helping prepare questions for any upcoming
      doctor office visits.
Count on The Jefferson Health Plan for answers, information, and support around the clock from a dedicated team of nurses whose job it is to coach and provide support over time.  We want participants to be healthy.  We'll help them find the right course and clear away the confusion in dealing with medical concerns.  Participants can call the Healthy Living program at 1-866-766-8795, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We believe in evidence-based medicine - making decisions about health care based on proven facts.  See the facts in our up-to-date information about conditions, diseases, and health and wellness issues.  And feel free to talk to a staff trained and dedicated to helping our members.
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