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With The Jefferson Health Plan, individual member groups retain autonomy over plan design, backed by strong cash reserves and a flexible, balanced model featuring a wide variety of vendor partners.
In doing business with any organization, an employer should look to the benefits of the alliance to determine if the objectives of the organization to be joined match those of the employer.  The benefits of The Jefferson Health Plan for an employer are many, but not all employers may have the same objectives; therefore, an analysis of the possible fit will be important in the decision to join The Jefferson Health Plan.
Through The Jefferson Health Plan, member employers can have multiple plan designs, including
   • PPO Plans
   • HMO Plans
   • POS Plans
   • CDHP Programs
Perhaps, one of the most unique advantages of The Jefferson Health Plan is that employers can sponsor a number of benefit plan designs.  Some member organizations offer three plans for employee choice through multiple networks.  Flexibility is one of the key words that describe The Jefferson Health Plan.  As a sponsoring organization, members will appreciate the flexibility they will enjoy in being able to sponsor a variety of plan designs.
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