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The Bronze Plan

The Bronze Plan

The consortium sponsors a minimum coverage plan, the "Bronze" plan in order to allow member organizations an opportunity to avoid a penalty for employees seeking minimum coverage under the Affordable Care Act.   The Bronze plan pays the actuarial equivalent of 60% of medical costs, a s required under ACA.  The Bronze plan is not subject to negotiation or change, as it is intended to satisfy the minimum federal standards of coverage.  The Bronze plan is administered by your current claims administrator.
Plan Design
Please note that in order to receive plan benefits, participants must use network Providers, other than in an emergency.  No coverage will be provided for our of network care.
 Benefit Period
 Calendar Year
 PPO Network Deductible per Calendar Year for Medical Services
 $5,000 Single/$10,000 Family
 Coinsurance for required prescription drugs
 For required prescription drugs, the Plan pays
80% of the cost of the drug and you pay 20% up to the Calendar Year Coinsurance Limit
 Calendar Year Coinsurance Limit for prescription drugs
 $1,850 Single/$3,700 Family Plan for 2016
The link below gives detailed information about The Jefferson Health Plan Bronze Plan.
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