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HealthReach Wellness

HealthReach WELLNESS
The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) administration and board believes in the principle of helping people be as healthy as nature permits.  As a JHP Best Practice, the consortium provides all member-sponsored plans with access to JHP’s HealthReach Wellness Program.  The program enables member organizations to offer their employees a customized wellness program that includes platforms, assessments, online wellness challenges and targeted lifestyle management/behavior modification programs.
Each member organization has the option to customize their wellness program to meet the specific needs of their population. There is no additional cost for the wellness portal for employees and dependents enrolled in the medical plan.  
The HealthReach Wellness Program provides the opportunity to engage in the following:
Wellness Education Platform
·         8 or 9-week Lifestyle Wellness Program (grocery shopping, cooking, health coaching)
·         4-week Biometric Wellness Education (diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension)
·         30-minute Webinars
Biometrics Know Your Numbers Platform
·         Incudes personalized risk score, access to health coaching and self-care guides
Culture of Health Messaging
·         Daily Audios
·         Weekly Health Notes (fitness, nutrition, stress, healthy eating)
·         Instructional Videos
Wellness Champion Scorecard
·         Facilitates ranking among sites based on participation
Challenge Platform
·         Facilitates challenge competitions (activity, nutrition, mindfulness, weight
Universal Incentive Management System
·         Administrative panel sets points for each program
·         Employee dashboard to view points and progress
Because JHP values the health of ALL member employees, we provide members the ability to grant non-health plan participants access to their wellness portal for an added annual fee.
 We are a JHP consortium member but are not part of this program:
If you are a member of the Jefferson Health Plan and would like to offer JHP’s HealthReach Wellness Program to your employees, contact your designated account manager or email [email protected] to get your wellness portal started today.
My employer participates in the HealthReach Wellness Program:
If you are a member of the Jefferson Health Plan and your employer chose to offer JHP’s HealthReach Wellness Program, this section is for you!
Our wellness program is designed specifically for  employees.  We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle so you can best serve yourselves, your family, and your employer.  In your account, you can access the dashboard for viewing programs and key health tools!  Participate in our wellness education programs, challenges, and health risk assessment to help steer your health in the right direction.
How do I log in?
Since the HealthReach Wellness Portals are customized to each JHP member, only member groups who have requested to participate in our wellness program and had their customized portals built have log in access.
Let’s get started!
It could not be easier to access your secure on-line account!  
1.       Just log in at:
2.       Click on, “New User? Register Here.”
3.       Enter your first name, last name, birthday and company code*
4.       Create your username and password.  Enter your email, phone number and verify your information.
5.       You are ready to get started!
* Member benefit managers are given the company code when their portal is ready for launch.  If you   don’t know your company code, reach out to your benefits manager or email us at [email protected].
Having trouble logging in the first time or on a future attempt?
·         Call 1-800-977-6337 between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday
o   If no one is free to take your call, leave a voicemail and someone will get back to you promptly.
·         Email [email protected]


HealthReach Care Management Overview

The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) created HealthReach, a program to promote and support the total wellbeing of JHP member employees and dependents. The HealthReach Program offers enhancements to your existing health plan, giving JHP plan participants access to clinical advice, quality diabetic supplies, and cutting edge medical and wellness information. All components of the HealthReach Program are integrated and supported by HealthReach registered nurses.
Care Management Program 
JHP dedicated registered nurse care managers reach out to plan participants selected for care management through an integrated clinical platform, analyzing medical and pharmacy claim data. HealthReach nurses engage with participants and provide health coaching to address gaps in care for preventive services and management of chronic health conditions to ensure compliance with treatment regimens. Also, the nurses assist to coordinate care between providers on behalf of the plan participants. 
This program is mandatory for all JHP member organizations and voluntary for individual participants. There is no additional cost for this program.  
The following programs are Opt-In programs for JHP member organizations.  If you are a member of the Jefferson Health Plan and would like any of the following programs for your employees, please contact your designated account manager or e-mail [email protected].  
Diabetes Management Program
JHP participants who engage with a HealthReach nurse may receive no-cost diabetic supplies shipped directly to their home, free of charge. HealthReach nurses enroll participants in the program and register them to receive diabetic supplies, auto shipped to their home every 90 days, as long as they stay engaged with their HealthReach nurse and are compliant with their protocols. This is an opt-in program for JHP member organizations and voluntary for individual participants. JHP organizations are responsible for the cost of the supplies. Please contact your employer to see if you are eligible to participate in this program. 
Maternicare Program
MaterniCare is a maternity management program specifically designed with the health of you and your baby in mind, and it’s available to member employees at no additional cost. The program is voluntary and will provide enrolled participants with valuable information and additional benefits to help with the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. JHP organizations are responsible for the participant fee. Please contact your employer to see if you are eligible to participate in this program 
Tobacco Cessation Program
HealthReach offers 4 designed steps to help you quit tobacco use. By using the tobacco cessation program, tobacco users are much more likely to succeed when quitting smoking. Our tobacco cessation program helps you break your addiction to nicotine. JHP organizations are responsible for the case management fee. Please contact your employer to see if you are eligible to participate in this program. 

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