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About Us

About Us


The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) is dedicated to serving the financial needs of your benefit program while responding to your employees' needs for access to high quality care.

The Jefferson Health Plan enables eligible employers to provide individually designed benefit programs to their employees while being able to enjoy the cost-saving advantages of group purchasing through the consortium.  Simply put, JHP is able to provide a variety of benefits to participating member organizations.  Participating employers may choose to fund any of the following customizable benefit plans:

• Medical Care Benefits                  

• Prescription Drug Benefits           

• Dental Care Benefits                    

• Vision Care Benefits

• Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

• Voluntary Life Insurance Benefits 

Individual employers have the freedom to design the benefit plan(s) that best fit their unique needs and can alter those plan offerings from time to time, as needs change.

The Jefferson Health Plan allows members to gain purchasing power on par with that of much larger organizations by combining with other like employers.  Collectively, this purchasing coalition encompasses over 22,000 covered employees.  This collaborative effort affords member organizations the ability to deliver employer-specific benefit programs at the lowest possible cost.


We focus on plan design, local delivery of services, and local hospitals and doctors you know, and then couple that with 21st Century tools through our vendor partner arrangements.  Add in a nonprofit organizational model that puts you at the center of the equation by allowing you to self-insure your benefit program, and we've got a winning recipe for health care services delivery.

The Jefferson Health Plan was first established in 1985 as a partially self-insured health benefits program to serve public entities in Ohio and afford them an opportunity to share in the benefits of better health care.  Recognizing the value of demonstrated Jefferson Health Plan results, the Ohio legislature granted JHP express and exclusive authority to begin working with public entities in other states. Today, with annual revenues exceeding $300 million and invested assets exceeding $160 million, the Jefferson Health Plan provides health care and related employee benefit programs to over 180 public employer member organizations throughout the States of Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee covering over 22,000 employees.

About 50% of the member organizations are school districts, while the other 50% is comprised of cities, townships, port authorities, county government employees, libraries, villages, etc.  The Jefferson Health Plan is organized and operates as a Council of Governments under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 167 with membership open to political subdivisions within and outside of the State of Ohio.


Consider the benefits of group purchasing and join the many other public organizations that are members of the Jefferson Health Plan.  Your organization and employees deserve the best! 

Please contact the Jefferson Health Plan to begin saving today. For a plan pricing proposal or more information, you can reach JHP by email at [email protected] or phone at 740-792-4010 Ext. 254.

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