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Fall 2021 Semi-Annual Meeting and Educational Seminar 'Thank You'

Spring 2020 JHP Board Meeting Highlights

The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) continues to grow and has become a multi-state organization.  With this growth comes increasing economies of scale, which helps our membership to realize better vendor contracts and, in turn, maximize savings in fulfilling their self-insurance needs.  JHP also remains focused on ways to better serve our members.
- Following the FY20 decrease in JHP administrative fees, the FY21 administrative fees remain unchanged.
- Aggregated member reserve account balances increased over 15% from FY19 to FY20.
- Overall consortium claims experience levels continue to outperform industry averages (reference 2020
   Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey). 
o Large Claim Reimbursement Program trend rates remain in line with FY20, at an 8.5% increase for
o Aggregate Protection Program rates were unchanged
- Based on member feedback, the renewal package format has been updated to be easier to review.
- EAP webinars and other resources are available to our members, including methods to cope with
   COVID-19 and infectious diseases, at
- The JHP HealthReach Program has been expanded to include a customizable Wellness Program.  If you
   would like more information or a portal demonstration, contact
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