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About JHP Tennessee HealthWorks

The Jefferson Health Plan
The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) was established in 1985 under Ohio state laws which allow public entities to join together to effectively and efficiently stabilize and control health benefit plan costs. JHP provides economical health plan financing solutions, enabling its member organizations to safely and securely self-fund their employee health benefit programs.
As a public entity, JHP understands the unique needs of our member groups. JHP operates without the encumbrances of a bottom line or share-holder profit margins. JHP’s primary responsibility is to its member organizations.

JHP mitigates many of the challenges that public employers encounter in the self-funded marketplace by leveraging over 35 years of proven underwriting practices, the buying power of 25,000 covered public employees, invested assets exceeding $205 million, and unique legislative advantages.  In its over three and a half decades of operation, the Jefferson Health Plan has established a track record of success, innovation, fiscal responsibility, and service to its membership.  

Recognizing the value of demonstrated Jefferson Health Plan results, the Ohio legislature granted JHP express and exclusive authority to begin working with public entities in other states.  JHP has grown to cover more than 180 governmental entities throughout multiple states.

 In 2015 JHP used this legislative authority to provide its valuable operating model to public entities in Tennessee.  JHP helped create, and then partner with JHP Tennessee HealthWorks.  

Additionally, JHP has is expanding into Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, and West Virginia.  

Group purchasing of employee benefits provides many advantages.  Among these are risk mitigation, increased purchasing power, budgetary stability and the synergy of partnering with other employers to foster an environment of savings and financial security public-employers desire.  Over the past 35 years, JHP has experienced retention levels consistently above the industry.  Multiple JHP members have participated for more than 20 years.  

A hallmark of the Jefferson Health Plan model is maximizing flexibility and stability for its member groups.  Member organizations retain ownership of claim reserves.  Member organizations may access excess reserves in accordance with their own funding strategy.  JHP provides member organizations with detailed plan cost information, control of plan design(s) and the ability to make risk level determinations.  JHP supports member organizations and their representatives with compliance, data, plan design pricing and complimentary cost-saving programs.  Member organizations have voting rights, and elect members to the Board of Directors.

One of the many value-added programs JHP offers its members is HealthReach. HealthReach is comprised of several offerings developed to promote and support the total well-being of JHP members.  The HealthReach programs are offered as an enhancement to your existing health plan, giving JHP plan participants access to proactive care management, clinical advice, quality diabetic supplies, and cutting edge medical and wellness information.  All components of the HealthReach program are integrated and supported by HealthReach registered nurse care managers.

JHP members are also eligible to participate in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offering counseling, educational materials, webinars and a variety of other services.  EAP Counseling includes: Legal & Financial, Work-Life Balance, EAP Website Education and Webinars, Management Consultations, Crisis Incident Debriefing, and Orientation & Training.  Plan participants enrolled under the member organization’s Jefferson Health Plan coverage, including employees, spouses and dependents are eligible to receive EAP benefits.  Employees of JHP member organizations who are not covered by the Jefferson Health Plan are also eligible to participate.

Please contact the Jefferson Health Plan to begin saving today. For a plan pricing proposal or more information, you can reach JHP by email at [email protected] or phone at 740-792-4010 Ext. 254.
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