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JHP Tennessee HealthWorks Partnership

Introducing Tennessee HealthWorks, a Jefferson Health Plan Partnership Program.

JHP Tennessee HealthWorks is a health plan purchasing consortium. JHP Tennessee Healthworks offers unique and innovative health plan financing strategies.  Proven underwriting methods, financial stability, plan design flexibility and savings are now available to cities, towns, counties, schools, and other political subdivisions across the State of Tennessee.

JHP Tennessee HealthWorks now works with your local broker or consultant representative. If you, your broker or consultant, would like to learn how Tennessee HealthWorks could improve your government’s costs, please contact Brendan Nugent at 216-314-0345, [email protected].

JHP Tennessee HealthWorks - EAS Health
JHP Tennessee HealthWorks brings together the expertise of The Jefferson Health Plan (JHP) with the contracting power of EAS Health to offer a comprehensive program that empowers employers to control costs today, and in the future. Tennessee Healthworks will provide traditional healthcare plan designs and Cigna healthcare network programs, but for public employers looking to truly impact their healthcare spend, JHP Tennessee HealthWorks is powered by EAS Health.
EAS Health features a wide array of benefits management programs for employers to control costs. These include, but are not limited to:

RBP with JHP Tennessee HealthWorks
Using reference-based pricing (RBP), self-funded health plans pay for medical services based on Medicare pricing. Employers can save an average of 25% on medical claim costs compared to a traditional PPO.

Third Party Administration
Savings through self-funding begins with experienced third-party administration (TPA). Our TPA services give you the flexibility to build the best plan design and cost saving solutions. And our claims management services ensure you pay the right price only for the services necessary.

Direct-to-Employer Contracting
We can help you contract directly with health care facilities to accept their RBP plans. By visiting these providers, plan members will not be billed for any service costs above set RBP prices. You contract directly with local health care providers using RBP in exchange for exclusivity.

Medical imaging includes X-rays, CT and MRI scans, and ultrasound – services critical to diagnosing and treating illnesses. Our imaging services provide plan members with convenient access to area imaging facilities, with no deductible and a $0 copay.

Get true transparency in prescription pricing. Our pass-through pharmacy solutions ensure that what you pay for drugs is the same as what the pharmacy pays. Alternately, qualified organizations can take advantage of lower costs available through area hospitals and pharmacies. Either way, you save.

Data Analytics
Our online analytics dashboard offers insights to help you better manage your plan. Actionable reporting shows you what is working while highlighting areas of potential improvement and greater savings.

Worksite Wellness
EAS will help build a wellness program that reduces the risk of costly long-term care by focusing on chronic condition prevention and disease management. We also support the development of onsite wellness clinics that give your employees convenient access to examinations and screenings. The clinic can be set at a $0 copay for both visits and drug dispensing.

Telemedicine benefits people who need to consult with a physician but whose schedule makes it difficult. Our service provides a 24/7/365 connection to board-certified doctors ready to talk about member health concerns. And for those who prefer to research symptoms on their own, we offer a self-diagnosis app with an extensive medical database

The JHP Tennessee HealthWorks Advantage
Online and Virtual Enrollment Capabilities
JHP Tennessee HealthWorks takes the paperwork out of the enrollment process. With the employer's consent, employees can sign up for their health benefits online or via our enrollment app. All information is securely transmitted and stored to ensure member privacy.

Superior Client Service
JHP Tennessee HealthWorks takes client service personally. We utilize live, knowledgeable staff in lieu of telephone voice prompts. A dedicated Account Management team, with expertise on each client's plan and goals, serve as personal account assistants. And our Customer Service Department can assist plan members with questions on a range of topics.

Online and Mobile Services
Plan members can also get detailed claims and benefits information on their computer, smartphone or tablet via our online and mobile service platforms. From downloading EOBs to reviewing deductibles, our virtual service center is always open.

JHP Tennessee HealthWorks, Working for You
JHP Tennessee HealthWorks develops health benefits programs combining client responsiveness with cost-saving solutions. JHP Tennessee HealthWorks will work for you to provide the best healthcare plan at the best cost. JHP Tennessee HealthWorks is committed to the success of your plan, and to the better health of your employees.
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